Cuz Even the Walking Dead Stay Active

So it’s now spring, the pleasant weather is here (until May 1, at any rate) and any type of activity that can happen outdoors (festivals, concerts, and the Dunedin Highland Games, to name a few) are happening.

You need to get outside and enjoy while you can, though, because the zombies are coming. Again.

Sound like a leap in logic? Not really. The Walking Dead Escape, an immersive obstacle course run, will be setting up shop in Tampa at the USF Sun Dome on Saturday, May 10. What makes this particular event different from the other zombie runs, Tough Mudders, and other obstacle course-style races that Tampa Sports Fitness has been known to cover? Three things: as it’s taking place on the USF campus, this one is in the backyard of the Tampa Bay area; the event is produced in conjunction Robert Kirkman, the man behind The Walking Dead comic and television show (a TampaSportsFitness favorite); and it takes place at night.


Well, okay, 6 p.m., but COME ON!

“It’s a fully immersed zombie experience,” David Isaacs, president of production company Skybound EXP, said in a story with the Times-Picayune. “It’s not a haunted house where things dump out at you. It’s more of 45 minutes of running, driving, breathless, not sure what you’re going to do next through these hallways and corridors and stadiums,” Isaacs said. “It’s a little bit overwhelming.”

According to the event’s website, the average time to complete the course is 35-45 minutes. While it’s not a race, participants may have to move quickly to avoid the walkers (as the slow usually die for a reason.) Climbing, crawling, and sliding all come into play along the route, but participants can still complete the course even if they can’t complete a given obstacle. Oh, and there will be zombies. And water stations. Probably not at the same time, but you never know…

Registration types include Survivor ($75/$65 with Military ID) for those wanting to run the course (no weapons permitted, so leave any hammers, crossbows, and samurai swords at home, please), Walker ($95/$85 with Military ID) for anyone that’s wanted a professional makeover but secretly wanted it to include rotting skin and bad teeth, and VIP ($150) for those who can’t make up their minds. Spectators get in for $20 ($10 Military ID) and the producer’s promise not to have them look at the flowers. There’s also an after party should anyone survive the course.

Information about the event, including arrival times, prohibited items, and other important stuff to know about surviving the course can be found on the event’s website. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

So, who’s interested?



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