Leave the Bags


This one got announced a few weeks ago, but it piqued our interest. The NFL has implemented a new policy regarding bringing bags into football stadiums.

The NFL Committee on Stadium Security said to a provide a “safer environment” and to “expedite fan entry,” NFL teams will implement a policy that will limit the size and types of bags that can be brought into stadiums.

Additional banned items include coolers, fanny packs, cinch bags and camera bags. Items that will still be allowed are small clutch purses, bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12″; and gallon freezer bags. The original story is here, along with a list of things not allowed at Bucs games.

What has us interested is if other athletic facilities/sports organizers will follow the NFL’s lead on this. The story stated the NFL made this decision in part due to the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this year, which is only understandable; NFL games can draw huge crowds in their host cities even when the teams aren’t winning, which could prove to be a tempting target for the next idiot. So what does it mean for the other local sporting events like, say, the Clearwater Iron Man competition or the Gasparilla Distance Classic? Right now the reports indicate the bag rules only apply to NFL games, but if the rule change proves effective, will that rule apply to other events hosted at the stadiums?

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