Events Roundup for February 2013

Ah….it’s been a long time since I created an events roundup article for this site. I have been extremely busy lately an I almost gave up on this site at one point (shamefully admitting). I’ve been thinking: why I did I start this site in the first place? I started this website to help people and to bring people together. I also started this website because I wanted to meet other people who enjoy running just as much as me. ButI never bothered to Google “Tampa Bay running groups” back when I first started this site. If I did, then perhaps I wouldn’t be here writing this article. Well, this is a new year, and I’m planning on making this site go back to it’s roots…

Well in the meantime and with out further ado , here is another unique set of sports and fitness related events that I think are worth mentioning here:


Hog Wild Run – $75

When:  Saturday, February 16th @ 11:59 PM


Yes, this one is in two days,  but it’s not too late to sign up for it. If you like the 80s and if you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in mud or in a 80’s dance off, then this run just might be for you.  Honestly, I’m torn between running in this run or going to an Indian Film Festival this weekend!

Photo by:



Tampa Bay Gasparilla Half Marathon – $85.00

When: Sunday, February 24th @ 6:00 AM


Contrary to what I use to think, the celebration for Gasparilla doesn’t end in early February  after the adult parade. It also didn’t end after last weekend’s Knights parade in Ybor. Oh no… it continues with these runs, so it’s possible to get your pirate on in late February if you wanted to. Arghhh!

Gasparilla 15k and 5k  – $30

When: Saturday, February 23rd  @  9:00 AM and 10:10 AM



2nd Annual Fitness Throwndown by the Pier – $65/athlete

Do you like Crossfit? This is a relatively new event I just “noticed”. I haven’t been to it myself but I have to admit, it does look interesting.

When: Saturday, February 16th and Sunday, February 17th, 2013



Meet Kayak Adventurer Daniel Alvarez

When: Thursday,  February 21st – 22nd @ 4:30 PM 


I have to say , I wasn’t sure if I should list this one here. After all it sounds like an indoor event where people will sit around all evening listening to some guy speak. Not only that, the chances of them serving beer afterwords is very slim…. but I’m including this one here,  because people actually like Kayaking! Yes, believe it or not (well I believe it at least), people will want to meet this guy so they can learn more about kayaking and to learn how to be a better kayaker!

Hopefully these events sound appealing to you. If not, then feel free to let us know how we could improve these articles via the comments section below. 


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