Keeping Those New Year’s Fitness Goals


Alrighty, it’s the end of January, which also signals the end of football (damn), the end of not having to do your taxes (double damn), and the beginning of the end of that New Year’s resolution to get in shape.

It was noticeable when January arrived in the bay area, the gyms filled up after work and the zumba classes went back to capacity. TampaSportsFitness applauds those who made the commitment to get/stay fit in 2013, but we get that joining a gym may not be for everybody. There’s a whole host of statistics that point out that most people who own gym memberships don’t use them, and a majority of those that do use them only make it to the gym two times a week.

The reasons? Oh, there are so many: time, gym location, crowd size, general intimidation, and various doubts and insecurities ranging from wanting to avoid embarrassment to not wanting to use the locker room shower, all of which are valid but detrimental to health goals.

To that end, TampaSportsFitness would like to offer a few suggestions on getting healthy for the new year that don’t involve the gym:

1. Portion Control. We know, we know; nobody likes being told how much they can eat. So here’s a simple idea: eat until you’re full. That’s it. Not full to bursting, just full.

2. Drink More (Water). TampaSportsFitness does not subscribe to the argument that drinking more will make you less hungry. The argument that proper hydration goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet, on the other hand, gets top-shelf priority around here. So drink up. In fact, do it more. Having a soda with lunch? Have some water instead. If you want a little more flavor, replace the water with green tea. Just pass on the extra cream and sugar.

3. Get Outdoors. This one’s a no-brainer. It’s early in the year, the weather is still nice, and the bay area has no shortage of parks and sites conducive to walking/running. Plus, no gym costs.

4. Try Something Early. Early morning exercise gives the benefit of energy before the day begins. It does involve kicking yourself out of bed earlier in the morning, but the trade-off might be worthwhile if you’ve got a long day ahead of you.

5. Try Something Late. Working a 9 to 5 shift and not looking forward to the drive home? Easy; use that time after work to exercise. You’ll avoid the worst of rush hour and still make it home in time for dinner.

6. Stairs and Blocks. Instead of heading to the break room, go for a walk on the stairs in your office. Don’t have stairs? Walk around your building. Again, it’s still nice outside, so take advantage of it while you can. Once May arrives it’ll be impossible.

Anyone else out there have gym-free suggestions for the new year?

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