It’s Fall (Kinda), So Get Outdoors Quick

There was a moment earlier this week when, after months of summer weather, the humidity disappeared and something like fall (let’s call it autumn) descended upon the bay area. It didn’t remain for very long, but it promised to return before long.

It’s on that notion that this week TampaSportsFitness brings to you, gentle readers, the idea of getting outdoors and participating in some fall activities. The NFL zebra controversy has ended, pumpkin-flavored food and drink are available in massive quantities, and nothing inspires the uproar of getting out and getting physical like the notion of doing it in nicer weather.

Last week Hillsborough County put out flyers on their fall sports leagues and still registering for many of their team sports. Their website is here, although it mostly just provides statistics and basic information.

Not to worry, though; we got better info and some phone numbers:

Adult Basketball League – Hillsborough County wants players 16 years old and above to compete in a full court basketball league. The league is open to the first 10 teams; 10 members to a team. Registration runs until Friday, October 12. Contact Coach Wayne or Coach Kisha at 813-903-2200.

Youth Flag Football and Cheerleading – Operating out of the Ruskin Recreation Center at 901 SE 6th Street, cheerleading will be held Mondays and Wednesdays 5 p.m. -6 p.m. and flag football games held on Tuesday and Thursday 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. This one is for kids ages 5-12. For additional information or registration, call Joy Robinson at the Ruskin Recreation Center at 813-672-7881.

Adult Flag Football – For those adults who want to engage in some traditional fall sports activities, the County also has a flag football league for them. Call Roland Rodriguez at 813-744-5595 x226.

But don’t think TampaSportsFitness has a bias toward sports in Hillsborough County. If you live in Pinellas, we recommend you try out Tampa.Sportsvite.Com, networking site for people looking to create and participate in sports teams in Pinellas County. Don’t let the name fool you, either; this one is for Pinellas. Users can find out about running groups, kickball teams, and floor hockey squads among other things.

Boot Camp – Okay, we admit, this one isn’t a sports league or team, but some of the staff tried this class out last week and highly recommended it. TampaSportsFitness has mentioned once or twice before that we endorse most outdoor fitness classes, so we decided to talk about it.

A boot camp class has started up in the Ybor Market Square on Wednesday nights starting at 7 p.m. It’s an hour-long class with heavy emphasis on constant movement and lots of core work, and with fall hopefully set to return, all that physical activity will go great with the cooler weather. Plus, there’s an Irish bar on the corner and 7th Avenue is within walking distance, so you can pull a beer running team and go for a drink afterword if you feel so inclined.

What do you think, readers? Know of any other team sports in the bay area looking to play in the fall? Let us know!

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