Lets go Rays, we’re almost there for the wild card playoffs!

Tonight is the night. Tonight is another night when the Rays play against the Yankees. This will be the 3rd game in the series meaning we’ll beat them in a 3 game sweep, if we win tonight. How freaking awesome would that be? That means we will win the wild card race and make it to the wild card playoff games. Last year, we did almost the same thing when we trailed the Red Sox by 9 games in the wildcard race and then we achieved the impossible by winning the finale game in the race. So today, will be that exciting day when Rays fans all over rejoice!

Currently, the AL East Standings are tight, especially since Baltimore won their last two games. They are currently no. 2 in the AL East Standings while we are no. 3 and we’re 1.5 games behind them.  If we when tonight then we will tie up with them. If we beat the Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles lose their games against the Yankees, then we’ll pull a head of them into the no.1 position for the AL East.

Today’s Rays game will be starting 1:10 ET. Unfortunately, we can’t cover it since we have day time jobs, but if you happen to go to it then have a lot of fun and cheer on our Rays.  Lastly, “Big Game” James Shields square off with CC Sabathia. So here’s to James Shields, please pitch another strong 9 innings!

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