Events Roundup for September 2012

Here are 7 hand-picked events for September 2012. Will you be attending any of them?


Dirty Foot Adventure Run – $65

When: Saturday, September 8th @ 10:00 AM

Ah, another obstacle course mud run that can help you prepare for the Tough Mudder race . This is going to be a 6 mile adventure obstacle course in Ft. Meade, Fl. This race will push you to the max and will feature 30+ obstacle courses.  Again, you will get your feet dirty  during this race. Don’t ask me how I know that though 😉


Bicycle Celebration – USF Bulls Walk and Bike Week – Free

When: Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Do you like riding your bike around town? Ever wonder what those orange bikes in Tampa are for? This event isn’t going to explain those orange bikes.  I just figured I’d mention them here, since I was wondering myself today (yes they are old news, I know…). Anyways, this event will be giving away two Cruiser Bikes. What are Cruiser Bikes? Cruiser Bikes are perfect for city bicycling and they will also make you look stylish when you’re riding them around the beach. They come in many colors and most of all, they are making a comeback (so yeah, you’re going to look cool riding one because not a lot of people have them). Furthermore, this event will be giving away other prizes and will have guest speakers. Lastly, you’ll learn about services like Zimride (which is pretty much like an social-amateur-taxi cab service). This event has a Facebook page with further information.

Championship: ‘Stache Bash III – $10

When: Saturday, September 15th  @ 6:30 PM

Ever wonder what Roller Derby is like? or Perhaps you thought about  joining a league? Well come down to Skateplex on Sept. 15th to watch the Cigar City Mafia defend their title against the Black Widows. See for yourself what the exciting sport of Roller Derby is like. This will be an awesome and memorable championship and it will also be fun for the whole family to attend. This event will be hosted by Tampa Bay Roller Derby 


The Blueberry Stomp Mud Run – $45 for individuals but prices vary for groups

When: Saturday, Sep 22nd @ 7:00 pm

I never heard of this event until several of my friends mentioned it. To me, “Blueberry Stomp Mud” sounds like a delicious dessert but this is a run – a 2.9 mile run to be exact. It will also feature several obstacles so it is another great opportunity to become familiar with “mud runs with obstacles” like the Tough Mudder event. Of course, I would be in this race if I heard about it sooner, but at least I joined Tough Mudder on time (ssh, it’s not too late to sign up).  After the race, you will be rewarded with live music, great food, a free event wine glass and two tickets that will allow you to buy more alcoholic beverages. In addition, other prizes will be given away as well. The price is $45 if you register as an individual and vary if you register with a group. Check out the or  the event’s website for more information.


Canoe & Kayak Coastal Clean Up – Free

When: Saturday, September 29th @ 9:00 AM

Okay, don’t laugh , but I’ve always thought there should be a live action Captain Planet movie (minus the mullet).  Seriously though, we should make him proud by volunteering to clean up our public lands this month.  Volunteers for this event will use canoe and kayaks to clean up the hard-to-reach shorelines of Weedon Island Preserve. This will be the nation’s largest volunteer event for public lands. Please see the website for more information:


USF Bulls Vs Florida State

When:  Saturday, September 29th – Time is to be announced

Woo Hoo! College Football started yesterday and what better way to celebrate it by watching  the USF Bulls  and another great team, the Florida State Seminoles. Okay, you might be a Gators fan which is acceptable. I can actually respect them, because my brother and his wife are UF Alumni (traders). I am  also including this game on this list because the  Seminoles haven’t played in Tampa since 1979! Lastly, the Seminoles are going to host a tailgate party called Fear the Spear . Do you think USF will win?


Spanish Mackerel Fishing – Free

When: Anytime, but dawn and dusk are the best times for fishing.

I’ve always been fond of fishing but haven’t had the chance to go out of my way for surf fishing for the past 5 months! The other night I drove past some anglers and thought to myself, “I wish I was fishing tonight under the moon light.” Why? Because I believe fishing is one of those relaxing “sports” that helps clear the mind. So I performed some research and turns out that Spanish Mackeral is in season why now. These fish can be seen traveling in schools along the coast and are easy to catch, so they begineer friendly. This September, I hope to go out of my way catch to catch a few Spanish Mackerel! Yes, I did put sports in double quotes, because I do not consider fishing to be one of those tough sports that require a lot of physical endurance (unless you’re trying to catch a whale – don’t because that would be wrong).  Also, I do realize discussing fishing on this blog is jumping the shark (no pun indended) .



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