About the Other Night…

For those of you that weren’t able to make it out to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Fest/Night Practice last Saturday, here’s a sample of what you missed:

-A full house on the side of the stadium where the shade was, although that changed when the sun went down and everyone noticed the seats on the other side (which was where TampaSportsFitness set up shop).

-New Head Coach Greg Schiano being cheered like a boss when he came onto the field.

-Cornerback/safety/team captain Ronde Barber being cheered like THE boss when he came onto the field.

-The team taking the field to cannon fire.

-Practice being postponed for 20 minutes due to bad weather, only to start up again after the rain came and went.

-That optimistic feeling true believers get at this time of year about the team’s chances.

And for those of you that didn’t make it, we have a small treat to offer: photo images of the practice. Follow this link to see:

-Bucs GM Mark Dominck signing autographs.

-Cheerleaders. Always a welcome sight.

-Captain Fear interacting with the fans.

-Contact drills with large football players colliding at high speeds (which is why many of us watch football).

We took photos and posted them on our Facebook page,  please feel free to check them out and make sure to like us!


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