Football? Buc Yeah!

In terms of watching high-caliber athletes perform, few things can be as exciting as multiple sports taking place at one time. This happens frequently, like when football, basketball, and hockey seasons all run at the same time.

What we have here is the kind of sports trifecta that occurs once every four years. Baseball seasons is still going, football is fast approaching, and the Olympics still have another week before NBC goes back to producing television shows that nobody wants to watch. So, for this rare and wonderful moment, we have sports aplenty in the bay area.

But as we applaud/groan for the Rays and cheer for our Olympic athletes, especially the ones in our own back yard, the gridiron has started its annual call. The banners have been raised at Raymond James Stadium and an electric chant that sounds like something from Game of Thrones has started: Football is Coming.

Now if there’s anything we at TampaSportsFitness love, it’s the arrival of football season. We get multiple kinds of football in the bay area: innumerable high school teams, the USF Bulls, and of course the Bucs.

There’s an added level of excitement to the anticipation of this year’s regular season after the Bucs cleaned house last year. Now we’ve got a new coach, a skinnier quarterback, and practically a new roster of players all hell bent on trying to get the taste of last year’s horrendous season out of their mouths.

Preseason practices have started over at One Buc Place. There was a time that watching the Bucs get ready for the regular season meant a car ride to Disney and the Wide World of Sports Complex, which was cool looking but a pain when gas prices started going up.

Now, thank goodness, all it takes is a ride down Dale Mabry and a turn by the stadium.

Fans can go and watch those practices now, but a bigger treat will be the upcoming night practice on August 4.

The Bucs decided to combine the night practice, which will feature practice for roughly two-and-a-half hours and include a full-speed intrasquad scrimmage, with Fanfest; stop by before practice (6:30 PM) and you might get an autograph.

Parking and admission are free, hot dogs will only be $1, and the night will be capped by fireworks. Oh, and there will be football. Excited yet?

This is only one of the highlights of the preseason. In August, the Bucs will host joint practices with the Patriots before mauling one another in their Week Three preseason game.

TampaSportsFitness will be out and about at the Saturday night practice. Photos from the practice will be up shortly thereafter, but we encourage our readers to come out and see the Bucs themselves.

Besides, what else have you got to do Saturday night? Hang out at Macdintons?

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