Olympians in our back yard


Even with all the attention seemingly being paid to that other high-interest event that takes place every four years (the RNC is fast approaching!), the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will undoubtedly draw much of that attention away when the Games start. The event promises nothing if not high entertainment: athletes performing at their peak, questionable judging, backroom controversy, and equal parts tragedy and triumph for the competitors.

It’s an exciting time, and especially more so this year since the bay area will be sending more than a few athletes to the Games. Time was, everyone would gather around the television to watch Brooke Bennett destroy the competition in the swimming pool. Now Bennett helms the sports desk at Bright House and a new crop of Olympians get to march in the opening ceremonies in those bizarre and controversial preppie outfits before facing off for the gold.

And now a few brief words and links for some of the bay area’s best:

Jared Frayer, Clearwater: wrestling – Every athlete in any Olympic sport (even curling) has to train their butts off in order to compete. But as has been mentioned once or twice, wrestling gets a lot of specific praise at TampaSportsFitness due to past involvement from the staff and Frayer, 33, also got our attention for being from Countryside High School and making the Olympic team in a big way earlier this year.

Emil Milev, Tampa: shooting – Milev might seem familiar if you follow this sport. This will be his fifth time competing in the rapid fire pistol event, but only the first time as an American: Milev competed for his native Bulgaria the first four times. And if your child attends B.T. Washington School, he might also seem familiar: he’s a PE coach there.

Zach and Paige Railey, Clearwater: sailing – A brother and sister duo, both of whom are familiar with the high level of competition that comes with the Olympics: Zach, 28, took a silver medal in Beijing, but Paige, 25, failed to qualify. Both are going to London this year, the rare brother and sister duo competing in the same sport at the same Olympics.

There are other athletes we could mention, so keep an eye out for them on this huge list of scheduled events.

Anyone else excited?

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