The Red Bull Wake Open is Over

Please note: The following is based on my experience at the Red Bull Wake Open event that took place on July 12th-14th in Tampa, Fl. If you had a better (or worse) experience, then please feel free to make a comment or we could get you to make another post here; because we would like to hear from you!

First of all, we would like to congratulate the following wakeboarders for putting on an awesome show of athleticism this last weekend. Here are the results of the Red Bull Wake Open:

1. Harley Clifford (AUS)

2. Rusty Malinoski (CAN)

3. Raphael Derome (CAN)

4. Adam Errington (SCT)

Second of all, it was an amazing couple of days in the Downtown Tampa while the Red Bull Wake Open event was in town. People from all of the United States and the World gathered around Jacksons Bristro and the Tampa Bay convention center to watch this event. I happen to stop by this event on Friday (day 2) and Saturday (day 3).  Overall, I  can’t say it was a very exciting event – well maybe it would have been if I was a wakeboarder – but suppose watching the event on T.V. would have been better for a casual spectator like me.  Furthermore, it was hard to see the wakeboarders, but now I am wondering if it was because of the sun in my eyes and where I was attempting to watch the event.

Perhaps, I was watching from the wrong areas on Saturday, so maybe this  one  spot would have been a better vantage point for the event:

SIGH Yep, I remember it being a good spot during the Red Bull Flutag event, but there’s always next year!

On Saturday, I drove back to Tampa and to check out Day 3 of this event and to hang out with a good friend of mine. Again, it was hard to tell what was happening and we ended up staring at the course for a good 10-15 minutes talking and not realizing that a wakeboarding event was happening. In addition, it was classic Florida weather which left us drenching in sweat shortly after we got there. That didn’t cause us to go home though, we ended up checking out some of the Red Bull tents which were showcasing a nice boat for sale (the kind one could use for  wakeboarding), several wakeboards with custom prints, and other merchandise. On second thought, if I was really into wakeboarding then I would have enjoyed this event much more.

The music that was playing sounded good, but the announcers for NBC seemed to get nervous towards the end (when the crowd started to dwindle down and become quiet), so I hope that doesn’t discourage Red Bull from holding more events here. Some of us are looking forward to seeing the Red Bull Air Races here!

Lastly, I took a few snapshots and they can be seen on our Facebook page, so please feel free to check them out when you get a chance! 

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