Surf’s Up; Red Bull’s Back in Town

A little while ago Steve blogged about the Red Bull Wake Open, and we wanted to remind to get out there this weekend to see it for yourselves. As the bay area has, almost by definition, a large watersports base, we here at the TampaSportsFitness network encourage water sports of all kinds: surfing, parasailing, even standing paddleboarding, which is why the return of Red Bull this weekend has us all excited.

Riders of Friday’s competition launched off a single 50-Foot ramp and did the best tricks they can in the air while hitting speeds up to 38 mph. Saturday’s competition will feature The Park, where riders will use the new Sesitec System 2.0 to be pulled through a water terrain park in front of the convention center. Athletes will be pulled back and forth to do tricks and jumps in front of both a live audience and broadcasted live on NBC.

So there’s two things to enjoy here: seeing professional athletes get pulled around a river on a bigger, stronger version of the wakeboarding ride at a water park, and the possibility of seeing yourself on national television, which is always nice.

Red Bull events have been going down in Tampa for the last few years, each time drawing large crowds in Ybor (their parkour competition in 2010, about which a link to an old news story can be found here) and the Tampa Convention Center (the flugtag show in 2008 and 2011; a highlight video can be found here).

As previously stated, TampaSportsFitness has a soft spot for Red Bull events. There’s something enticing about the flugtag, which features teams making like the Wright Brothers with access to a printing press; the winners of the 2011 Tampa competition had a Willy Wonka theme and dressed up like oompa loompas before flying off the platform into the river below. While watching people run off a platform with a homemade flying contraption can be a fun way to pass a hot afternoon, the parkour show was phenomenal to behold. The wakeboarding competition promises to be a combination of the two: wild stunts from crazy people that look amazing in mid-air.

As such, TampaSportsFitness feels the need to encourage any and all to swing by the convention center and enjoy the show this weekend.

A local wakeboarding competition on television, followed soon after by the Olympics and then football season? Who’s not excited about the plethora of upcoming sports events? Everyone but Bud Selig, that is? Speaking of which, when the wakeboarding show ends this weekend, let’s take the advice of local columnist (and another TampaSportsFitness favorite) John Romano and start bugging Selig. Low attendance? Please; they’re just all at the wakeboarding competition.

Anyone plan on going?

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