My Keyboard Arms Still Hurt

I got my first exposure to a workout video last Wednesday and my keyboard arms are still sore from it — Okay, not anymore since the workout was a week ago, but my shoulders hurt from a killer sunburn. Please note: Apply sunblock every two hours!  The video I worked out to, with a group of people who are part of the 727 Fit Club class, was called the “Insanity Max Recovery.” This video provided the most intense workout I have ever had in a long time, but I’m looking forward  to going to another workout class for these types of videos. It’s funny, I really didn’t expect to ever get into a P90X style workout video — however, a friend of mine managed to convince me to join this fitness club.

The class was held at the St. Petersburg Beach Community Center

Overall, the facility was great because the rooms I walked into (yes I got a little lost) were clean, the staff was nice,  and the workout room I was in was facing the bay.  The screen for the video projector was in front of a wall of windows which provided  a spectacular view of the Boca Ciega Bay.

The Workout

Unfortunately, I arrived at the complex extremely late (an hour late, actually.) Moreover, because I was late, I only got to work out with the group for about 10 minutes….but that was more than enough time for me since I was way out of shape for those types of workouts. The workout group were mostly women of different ages, but there were some men in the group and it looks like children are allowed to partake in the workouts as well (so they are family friendly). The workout was more about stretching, so that is why it is best that you limber up before trying it. When I got there, I did a few exercises which were: planking  (this is a exercise that works your abdominal muscles and is great for building strength for pushups), runner lunges (these workout your leg muscles and buttocks), and runners hip flexor stretch (these are where you make your elbow hit your same-side knee).  Sorry, I can’t tell  you exactly how many times or reps we did these exercises for, but after a few of them, I was ready to start my recovery.

Are you a fitness coach or knowledgable in P90X style workout videos? Please share your thoughts with us! If you’re interested in this program or if you have general questions, then we could *attempt* to answer them or we will help you find the right person to talk to! 

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