How are the Rays doing?

This is the first article of what we hope to be a weekly series about the Rays since it’s Baseball season. The purpose of these articles is to give you some insight into how the Rays and other Tampa Bay sports teams are doing — Just in case someone walks up to you and asks, “Did you see that game yesterday?” Well, now you can tell them, “Why yes, I saw the Ray’s ball boy save the bullpen catcher from near death….or from lower back pain! “ Yes-Yes, I know that happened weeks ago, but it was a very interesting clip.

The Rays played their first game of the regular season on April 4th, against the New York Yankees. In addition, the Rays were keeping the number 1 spot in the American League (AL) East until last Saturday’s game when they lost against the Oakland A’s. This is an outrage in the Rays community ,because it seemed like they were on a winning streak. The week before this lost, they beat the Mariners in a four-game sweep. Moreover, they beat the Rangers and the Angels in the weeks prior to their games against the Mariners. So far, it’s hard to tell where they stand in terms of consistency because of their record this season. Fortunately, they won enough games to land them the number two spot in the AL East this season? But can they keep it up?

Well so far, it looks like their offense is getting stronger. This is something that they lacked during the spring training season. For example, none of our players made the top 10 list for most RBIs during the spring season and the same goes for stealing bases, walks, doubles, and home runs. Although, our team was severely lacking in scores related to offensive tactics during the Spring Training Season, we have improved significantly during the regular season. However, now our defense needs to go back how it was five games ago, so far we lost four of those five games! Unfortunately, we underestimated the Yankees during this Thursday’s game. What happened? What happened is too many of our pitches were unsuccessful against the Yankees’ hitters (mainly Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano were scoring the most runs). David Price threw amazing pitches, but those balls were still being hit until he finally found  his pitching groove — which was too late.  Lastly, CC Sabathia made an all-time career high during this Thursday game for the Yankees. His new pitching record ended up beating David Price’s record.

In conclusion, hopefully the Rays can start balancing out their offensive and defensive tactics. Unfortunately, in baseball, teams need to be efficient at both.

Currently, while I’m writing this, the Ray’s are playing their 34th game of the season against the Orioles. So far this game is looking bleak, so lets hope they break the losing streak tonight.

*edit 5/13/12* I stand corrected, there goes our number two spot : (

What do you think about the Rays? Do you think David Price will make a comeback? Do you think we will get back into the number one position in the American League East?

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