Let’s roll Tampa Bay, on Bicycles.

For the fifth consecutive year,  Tampa BayCycle will be hitting the streets to celebrate National BikeMonth.  Tampa BayCycle is an organization in the Tampa Bay area whose mission is to encourage commuters to cycle to their destination- rather it be work, school, running errands, or to grab a bite to eat at their favorite fast food restaurant (trust me, you will nullify the impact of fast food will have on your body if you cycle it off). Since 2007, hundreds of cyclists (from enthusiasts to casual riders to novices) have participated in BayCycle.

Although this event is open to everyone,, BayCycle will be there to recruit bicycle enthusiasts to become BayCycle Ambassadors. Tampa BayCycle Ambassadors are bicyclists who know the healthy benefits of riding a bike. They know that riding a bike frequently will create a sound mind, fit body, and it will help the environment by lowering CO2 emissions. People who become BayCycle Ambassadors are encouraged to educate others to try cycling more instead of driving.

Many activities are planned  this month for BikeMonth which include but are not limited to:

  • bike to work days and group rides
  • safety classes
  • bike giveaways

Concerned about your hygiene and where you should store your bike before coming into work? No sweat (and no pun intended) , downtown Tampa YMCA’s are offering their lockers and showers to those who bike to work. So you can take a shower and get dressed before coming into work. Hey, this beats spending money on gas and not to mention it will make a healthier you. In addition, many racks are available for your bike in downtown. These bike racks can be found in downtown Tampa,  St. Petersburg, Clearwater, USF campuses, and the Westshore business district.

Visit BayCycle’s blog today for more information about BikeMonth or become a fan of them on Facebook.

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