NFL Lockout – What it Means for the Buccaneers

Before Buccaneers fan’s start rejoicing at the new’s that the NFL lockout has been lifted by Judge Susan Nelson, we need to first look at what all of this actually means. If your goal is to have NFL football in 2011, then this injunction is a good thing as it means that the NFL has to keep going while the players and owners work out their issues. With that said, nothing is written in stone yet. Since the NFL is appealing the ruling, there is a good chance that we could see the lockout come back just as quickly as it left.


The good news, for the sports fan at least, is that this injunction means that the owners and the players are going to have to work things out while they get ready for next season. Unless the NFL win’s it’s appeal, the players will play in the current system until a new deal is reached, which is a huge win for the players. It’s also good news for Buccaneers fan’s out there because it means that the players can communicate with coaches and begin to get set for next season. With a team as young as the Bucs, any time that you have to work out for the next season is much needed.

So does this injunction mean that there will be an NFL season in 2011? Technically yes, as long as the NFL doesn’t win their appeal. If the NFL win’s it’s appeal, which it could, then we may be right back where we started from. It’s a mess, and it will only get messier. Get ready for a contentious couple of month’s with as much heavy hitting going on in the courts as on the practice field; if players are actually allowed to practice, that is.

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