Pete Cerqua Interview @ Transitions Golf Championship

Two weeks ago on a Sunday I  headed over to the Innesbrook Golf Resort for the Transitions Golf Championship. I didn’t cover any of the players playing in the championship that day. In fact, these players were well on their way to the golf resort where they would be greeted by PGA officials and Toyoto, where they received a Prius for their families to use while they were participating in the championship. By the way, Gary Woodland Won this Championship , so congratulations to him!

What I did was interview a personal trainer named Pete Cerqua who is the author of, “The 90 Second Fitness Solution”. I also interviewed a Sport Vision Trainer and certified Optometrist, Dr. Larry Lampert, that day. Please note: I will post Dr. Lampert’s interview up on the site later this week.

TSF: Tell me a little about yourself, what makes you motivated in your job as a personal trainer?

Pete: I have 25 years of experience and the one thing I learned is that people don’t have time for a long workout because of their busy lifestyles. My main goal is to promote short , high-intensity workouts and that is write a book about it, The 90 Second Fitness Solution.

TSF: Do you have a training philosophy?

Pete: Yes , my training philosphy is high-intensity strength training  that will have less and wear and tear on the body and will be less time consuming.

TSF: What is a typical training session from The 90 Second Fitness Solution book?

Pete: There are actually several training  sessions, it depends on what level you’re on.  A typical beginner training session consist of two exercises, each 90 seconds, which add up to 5 minutes. My readers are instructed to do these exercises 5 times a day. One of the exercises would be something like “The Plank” which is staying in the top part of the push up position. Another exercise is the “Wall Sit” which requires you to lean up against a wall , bend your needs, and hold for 90 seconds.  These exercises are meant to get the muscles to work harder but in a short amount of time.

TSF: Does The 90 Second Fitness Solution have a warm up or a cool down process?

Pete: No, no warm up or cool down process is required because no movement is involved like jogging would require.

TSF: How does dieting factor into this solution, how much can we eat during this fitness program?

Pete: No…you still have to eat healthy and the proportions if you want to lose weight. I always say to my clients, “Dieting is 50 percent of the program.”

TSF: How is the 90 Second Fitness Solution book coming, have you made any new revisions to it? Are you planning on releasing a new edition?

Pete: Books two and three are in the works. Two will be about dieting and three will be about the advance workout  techniques that are part of the The 90 Second Fitness Solution.

TSF: Do you have any certifications at the moment?

Pete: Yes, I have certications from AFAA and I developed my own certification called the 90 Second Fitness certification

TSF: Do you run or workout at the gym or do you do anything to keep fit in the Tampa Bay area, anything sports related? What places do you go to?

Pete: I actually own my own gym in  New York which I go to daily. If I’m not working out at the gym then I’m riding my chopper, hiking, mountain biking, and skiiing.

TSF: This question is a little odd…If you could somehow transfer your consciouness into another sports player who would it be? What sports team would you be if you weren’t a personal trainer?

Pete: I’ve always admired Bret Farve because of this performance at his age , he’s very inspirational to me. But I’m not sure if  I want to be him…. I would have to go with Carmello Anthony, have you heard of him?


Pete: Yeah, he’s a  basketball player who was just recently traded to the New York Knicks.

TSF: And as far as social networking websites go, how can our readers follow you?

Pete: You can find my contact information on my website which is I have a facebook  page which you can contact me on and I also have a fan page for my  90 Second Fitness Solution book.  I  have a twitter account for it as well which is @90SecondFitness.

I enjoyed interviewing Pete at the “Think About Your Eyes Family Walk” event for the Transitions Golf Championship on March 13th, 2011. He was kind enough to let me interview him and that is why I encourage you to buy a copy of his book. It may not be the best fitness solution book for you,  but it’s always worth exploring possible ways of getting  into shape and losing weight.

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