Do you enjoy exploring the unknown? Try spelunking. Do you enjoy the sense of adventure not found in typical surface activities? Try spelunking. Do you relish the chance to dangle freely in the mouth of a large cave? Try spelunking. Does none of this sound fun to you? Go take a nap.

Caving, also known as “spelunking”, is the recreational pastime of exploring wild cave systems. These rightfully named “cavers” will sometimes rig up a harness, stand at the mouth of an intimidating cave, and lower (or drop) themselves into it, for nothing more than the pure thrill of exploring Earth’s least-known theater of nature. Other times, these adrenaline fiends will simply walk into a floor-level cave scantily supplied, save for a flashlight, and begin to explore.

Spelunking is eons old, dating back as far as the beginning of man himself, where primitive humans would lumber into a cave for shelter and warmth and, naturally, explore. In modern times, spelunking is a rather rare hobby: many prefer the comfort of a morning jog or a cozy book. Thus, it is rather painstaking for one to find a group with whom one can cave, so many decide to go at it solo. While being a lone wolf adventurer can be an exhilarating and liberating experience, one must keep in mind that some safety precautions must be followed in order to ensure a healthy caving. If you are or have become interested in spelunking, here are a few resources desgined to ensure your good time and safety.

Adventure Drop

How Spelunking Works

Cave Safety

No matter what your sport may be, spelunking is always one to have in the back of your noggin. So, the next time you get bored on “just another Saturday”, try looking into this fantastic activity: you never know what awaits you in a cave.

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