Boxing in the Tampa Bay Area, Here’s a Good Place to Go:

I  visited a boxing gym recently and it happens to be located in the Tampa Bay area. The name of the gym is Hurricane Boxing Gym and is  located in Ybor City.

I found the staff there to be very nice and attentive. I was impressed by them and their facility and the way they trained me on my first day.

Gym membership at Hurricane Boxing Gym is currently a mere $60 with no commitments. One can walk in and walk out without advance scheduling and no contract is needed and payment is pay as you go.

Boxing  is a fast and healthy way to lose weight and get  fit because you are not starving on a diet. Boxing is also more social than most  workouts and socialization is good for healthy minds.

Before you join a boxing gym, there are a few things to consider:

  1. boxing is not for the light hearted— if you are severely out of shape, it might be wise to chose a less intense exercise before joining a boxing gym.
  2. you will need to purchase equipment— head gear, boxing gloves,   wraps, gym clothes,  and a jump rope!
  3. you have to be dedicated and willing to go the extra mile- you have to be willing to raise your hand and say “hey, I am finished with whatever you are training me on, so what should I do next?”

Let us examine  the above  listed equipment in detail:

  • head gear– Everlast is suggested as a good brand of head gear- it always pays to be safe
  • boxing gloves–  again it has been suggested by the gym and others to purchase Everlast gloves- they are good quality and will last you a long time
  • wraps– I recommend buying them at the gym and that way the trainers can fit your hand. Wraps are important because they protect your hand and cushion the blows as you strike your opponent or a hand mitt. I learned the hard by purchasing the wrong size  and now I have extra wraps for sale or donation. New wraps at the gym go for about $10.00
  • Gym clothes– these are no brainers and whatever you wish to wear- I suggest something as light as possible
  • Jump rope– you might be wondering, “is this a typo?!”  No, actually  I believe jump roping is probably the most important part of boxing training. First of all, jumping rope  helps to improve your footwork- it also  teaches you to be “light “ on your feet, helps your stamina, makes you faster with improved coordination and strengthens your muscles

This equipment can all be purchased at a sporting goods store- I found Dicks Sporting Goods to be well stocked and the store is located in the Westfield Brandon Mall.

Ok, now that you have the equipment,  here is the routine: You start off by stretching, jump roping, shadow boxing, hitting speed bags, one on one ring training, heavy bags, more speed bags, and finally running which is your cool down process. However, do not hold me to this routine as it might be different for different people- the gym has training etiquette  where you must continue working until the training light turns red. The light begins with green, then yellow and then red.

That is all the information I have  now about Hurricane Boxing Gym– as I train I will update this blog. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at:

But maybe this isn’t for you? Trust me on this,  boxing will be one of the most intense workouts for you if you decide to enroll in a boxing program. Perhaps you want to take your time with a home boxing workout? However, nothing compares to the real thing, so that’s why you should still consider joining a boxing gym in the Tampa Bay Area!


Are you currently involved in this sport? If so where are you going and can you offer additional tips?

2 thoughts on “Boxing in the Tampa Bay Area, Here’s a Good Place to Go:

    1. Hi Javeius,

      Sorry for the late reply. I actually saw this comment the other night but to respond to it.

      I actually don’t have a boxing gym. However, this is the one I had a brief stint at and was impressed by their service and training. If I recall correctly, it cost me $30 a month but then again it seems like it was even cheaper than that. I would recommend checking it out:

      – Steven Waters

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