Fitting 30 Minutes or More of Cardio Into A Busy Work Week

From work to school car pools, desks with stacks of paper, and of course phone calls to return, life can be very hectic. So how is anyone supposed to fit exercise into a schedule that is busting at the seams? The answer lies in simply adjusting one’s daily routine. Below are numerous suggestions for fitting 30 minutes or more of cardio into a busy work week.
Morning routines can be a bit tricky to alter, especially considering that not everyone is a morning person. However, waking up 10 minutes earlier for a brisk walk gets the blood pumping. Now most everyone, except for some living in downtown Tampa , drive to work everyday. When reaching the parking lot, park in the very back and walk. This squeezes in about 5 extra minutes of cardio.If using public transportation like a bus, try getting off one stop before and walking the rest of the way. It may not seem like much, but walking that couple of extra blocks provides about 10 minutes of cardio as well. Coupled with the morning walk, 20 to 25 minutes of cardio has been accomplished before the day has even started.

At work, depending on one’s profession, cardio may or may not fit into the schedule. If working in an office building take the stairs as often as possible. Also, if needing to speak with someone within the facility consider walking to their cubicle, rather than sending an email or placing a phone call. When heading out to lunch in Downtown Tampa, try walking instead of grabbing a taxi or driving. Utilizing these types of exercising opportunities will help to stretch legs and keep hearts healthy.

Upon arriving at home at night many want to come in and just fall onto the couch or into their favorite chair. Instead, stay on your feet and tidy your place up a bit by picking up trash, objects, or what ever you can in your house. This is a great way to unwind and get everyone together. For many who live in neighborhoods in the Riverview or Brandon areas of Tampa Bay, there are plenty of sidewalks and community parks for an evening walk or bike ride after dinner.

With all sessions combined, one will have fit 30 minutes or more of cardio into their daily schedule. This is good for people who are interested in losing weight and are ambitious about their exercising. However, if only wanting to be a little more active and healthy, then choose one of the above opportunities to do three times a week.

If choosing to lose weight, try integrating counting calories burned by each workout. Each 10 minute moderate walk should burn about 90 calories. The following formulas will help to count calories burned:

Moderate walking: Calories burned=0.029 x weight (lbs) x time (min.)

Vigorous walking: Calories burned=0.048 x weight (lbs) x time (min.)

In no time one will not only gain a healthier lifestyle, but also a healthier body and heart.

Happy Holidays!

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